When I was a child, back in 1940, I lived in two small towns in the Atacama desert, in Chile. One of these towns is San Pedro de Atacama, and at that time there was no electric lighting there.

During many nights of near total darkness, I was able to enjoy the beauty and mystery of a sky full of stars.

Astronomers have already certified that the Universe has approximately 100 billion galaxies. That in each galaxy about 100,000 million stars shine.

The tiny planet, which we call Earth, revolves around the Sun, one of the stars in the galaxy we call the Milky Way.

On this planet Earth are the humans. This is wonderful and we are incredibly lucky to exist here.

Humans wear something equally wonderful in our heads: the brain. It is the most mysterious and complex object in the universe. According to the National Geographic publication, the human brain has 100 billion neurons

With this website I want to contribute to spreading a little what we know, or what we think we know, about the universe in which we live for a very brief flash of time.

(Jaime Escobar Morales).